5 – Mingenew to Mundaring


The WA 4WD Association would like to welcome you to the Mingaring 4WD Touring Trak.

The Trak commences in Mingenew and ends in Mundaring.

The Trak has been set out over 600kms so that you are able to enjoy a drive through the farms and bush of the  Wheatbelt and into Mundaring.   We recommend a minimum of 4 days to travel the track…more if you wish to avail yourself of the many experiences along the way.  You will pass through areas with many towns and we are sure you will wish to take the time to enjoy what they have to offer.  The Trak has been deliberately laid out in a way that whilst it in itself is not the adventure there will be some challenges along the way….it is suitable for all 4WD and most AWD vehicles though those without a dedicated low range capability may need to take extra care in some sections.   It is suitable for offroad camper trailers and caravans.

Most of the route covered is on public roads/tracks and as such all current traffic rules apply at all times.   A lot of the route passes through farm land and you will encounter trucking operations (and they’re very big trucks that cause lots and lots of dust).  There is also high usage of the roads at various times by other recreation users…this includes vehicles, motor bikes and bicycles.

Parts of the Mingaring Trak will be the subject of closure due to weather, fire or other events and will need to be monitored by anyone prior to and during any use of the Trak.   You will need to check the WA 4WD Association Facebook page or website prior to your trip to ensure you have the latest information available…be aware that as it is a “living” track it will constantly change and we welcome your input at any time.

Due to the remoteness of parts of the track mobile phone coverage is not available along the entire length and when it is available may be limited to Telstra.

There is plenty of opportunity to purchase fuel and other supplies at towns along the track and we recommend  whenever possible you support the locals when you pass through.  There is varied and different accommodation along the track and you should be aware that certain times of the year (school holidays etc) will be more popular and you may have a challenge finding a suitable place for the night…you may need to book ahead in some places….NOTE   accommodation will be at a premium during the “wildflower season” which is typically August – October.

You will find further information on the website that we hope will enable you to enjoy your experience safely and will encourage you to visit the regions more often.  There is a lot of information available from the various Shire Tourist centres and we strongly recommend you ask them for advice.

The closer you get to Mundaring the more “civilised” it becomes…that means the more traffic you will encounter as the metro area has expanded into the hills…slow down and be careful especially if towing.

To download the waypoints, please go back to the Trak page.

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