The #Trak

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1 - Mundaring to Albany
2 - Albany to Kalgoorlie
3 – Kalgoorlie to Mount Magnet
4 – Mount Magnet to Mingenew
5 – Mingenew to Mundaring

The #Trak - Waypoints

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The WA 4WD Association has developed this information section to assist in your travels along the #Trak…we want to ensure your experience is as safe as possible whilst still enjoying a sense of adventure.

  • You are on public roads/tracks…all current WA Road Traffic laws apply.
  • There will be interaction with other track users…4WDs, cars, trucks, motorbikes, quadbikes, cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders…also be aware of possible wildlife interaction when on any of the roads/tracks…slow down and take care at all times.
  • When changing from an unsealed road/track to a sealed road be very careful of other traffic and the speed at which they may be traveling…especially on country roads.
  • When on unsealed parts of the track please deflate your tyres (and those of whatever you are towing)…this will not only assist you and your vehicle but will also look after the track surface…and with tyres deflated make sure you slow down…(do not forget to inflate your tyres before resuming normal travel on sealed roads).
  • Your vehicle (and trailer) should be in good condition as you will not always be within mobile phone range if you break something.
  • The distance to be covered should not be rushed and travel around sunrise and sunset should be avoided due to the increased possibility of animal strikes.
  • Do not enter gated or no entry signed areas.
  • Do not enter private property without prior arrangement.
  • A lot of the track is through national park and station areas where 1080 is used…the track is not suitable for dogs.
  • Be aware of fire restrictions and bans at all times when on the track (heavy penalties are in place in WA for any breach of fire restrictions).
  • Weather conditions can vary along the track…make sure you are aware of the forecast for the entire time you expect to be on the track and that you are appropriately equipped…..NOTE in summer temperatures are regularly >40C and in winter can drop <0 at night.
  • Do not attempt to cross flowing water either on foot or with your vehicle…do not attempt to cross standing water without checking the depth.
  • When you travel along the track you may encounter very dusty conditions which reduce visibility…slow down and if necessary stop…do not attempt to pass or overtake in reduced visibility.
  • Please ensure your vehicle is equipped with a first aid kit and that you or someone in your vehicle is trained in its use.
  • Please ensure your vehicle is equipped with an operable fire extinguisher…and that you know how to use it.
  • Do not attempt this track without appropriate vehicle recovery equipment and the knowledge of how to correctly and safely use it.
  • If you are unsure of travelling alone visit our website where you will find a list of 4WD Clubs that will be happy to assist…also message us on our Facebook page with any questions you may have.

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